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Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal

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Hard cover
Your Garden Plans, Layout stretch paper, space to add your Own garden Pictures, all in one Garden Planner Journal!

The Perfect Gift For Anyone That Loves Gardening!

This 6 x9 inches 75 page GARDEN PLANNER JOURNAL and LOG BOOK is designed to make garden record-keeping simple and easy.

An easy way to get organized with your gardening, keep records, plan for the future, and grow the Best Garden ever!

Whether you've been gardening for years or you’re brand new to all this, journaling is a great way to plan out and record your gardening year for future SUCCESS.

What's Inside:

  • 4 Garden Layout pages to map out how you want the garden to look like
  • 3 pages for when plants where planted and expected harvest day
  • 61 pages of a Easy to fill information for each Plant
    • Including -a easy to check off Sunlight and Pest list
    • A fill in line of how much Water the plant need
    • Spacing- Height, width, and depth
    • check box to check of or x of which plants you can plant together and which you should avoid
    • A Extra notes tab of writing progress as Spout day and what technique would you use for Pest control
  • 4 Pages at the ending to add your photos of your garden
  • Last page is for Extra Notes or if you have another Layout in mind or brain storm
  • The 6 x 9 size makes easy to move with you and simple set up help you plan out your garden

This Personal Garden Journal is perfect for yourself or as a Gift for anyone you know that loves Gardening!

Give Yourself A Gift That For Your Future Success!
Happy Gardening!!

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